So the question these days is really, is it ever worth buying a brand new Rolex watch? Paul Newman’s vintage model remains the most expensive watch ever sold at auction in North America. Get on the waiting list or rush and get gouged on the used market, Rolex makes too few Daytonas to satisfy what seems to be an endless demand. A reputable jewelry store is usually the best place to find a quality, authentic, second-hand Rolex, but they don’t typically offer the best deals. In short, always buy the seller. Our selection of used Rolex watches for women are guaranteed authentic and offer something for everyone. The difficulty, though is making a proper analysis based on images only. On Chrono24 and other online market platforms, you can narrow your search down to Rolex watches offered in your country or region (European Union, for example), enabling it for you to visit them in their shop and to ensure you don’t have to bother with customs. If you buy only a Rolex watch without a box and booklets, you can easily find a spare box and booklet on eBay or Chrono24. As long as you buy things for the right reasons, and can live with those reasons, why not? In the past two decades, I have purchased a pre-owned Rolex watch more than once. You want to see all the details. Better to make sure upfront that something is real or not. It is about doing your homework and calculating your risk. Learn how your comment data is processed. You’re potentially going to spend the value of a compact car on a watch, which is (i) not really special compared to other watches, except for the brand recognition, and (ii) functionally and technologically hilariously inferior to a device that you carry with you anyway and costs 95% less. Discount shops and good prices, tax free in Tokyo. Buying that very first Rolex is a milestone only afforded to the hard working, successful, and driven denizens of this world — and if the road to that success wasn’t hard enough, there’s a significant amount of research that goes into the buying process when you finally decide to take the leap. I wasn’t sure what a Rolex was but I saw one on Sean Connery’s wrist in Dr. No back in the 60s and decided to eventually get one. Are there scratches, dings, blemishes, and so on? In that case, it is a matter of focusing on the right Rolex model and the condition it is in. “Rolex watches are not mass produced,” Altieri says. A Rolex service does not come cheap, and if you’re tight on budget, it is something to consider. Oyster – The name Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf gave to the first waterproof watches from the 1920s. Some of these things were already removed by the authorized dealer. If you want to live risk-free, buy only from an AD. This can’t be said for most watch brands. Sapphire crystal measures 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, followed by Diamonds on 10. Don’t just buy a vintage Rolex watch based on the blue-eyed seller. As with everything, there are both benefits and negatives of buying a used Rolex. The wheeling and dealing in used Rolex watches has become a game that everyone wants to play, so we advise you to stay away from private sellers. These should be identified in the pictures and not surprise you upon receiving the watch. Owning a Rolex is easier now than ever before. The vast majority of second-hand Rolex watches return to full working condition after little servicing. The instruction manual and service booklets are generic for a watch, meaning they do not belong to a certain serial number or whatsoever. Watches are really nice, and I love looking at the pictures and following the scene. Ensure you’ve checked your bracelet’s condition by looking at the extent of stretch in the bracelet. To better fit your budget we're going to focus on the pre-owned market. Discussing extremes and exceptions in an article like this doesn’t make much sense imho. With a new Rolex watch, the problem is availability. If you would walk into a “barn find” Rolex, with serious wear and tear, do you think Rolex servicing (in Rolex’s atelier de Restauration in Geneva) would be a good option or would you prefer to hand it in to a local (expert) watchmaker? This is of course difficult to see in pictures, so you need to focus a bit on the distance between the links of a bracelet. Are you looking to purchase a secondhand or used Rolex then look no further than one of Europe's leading secondhand Rolex dealers. If you’re hunting for a used Rolex, how will you tell if what you are getting is authentic? I am a regular at Burberry by the British Airways airport lounges at Heathrow T5 (pictured above). For us Europeans, buying a watch from the USA or Japan might seem very attractive, but the import duties and VAT will make it an awful experience in most cases. In the interest of accuracy and fairness this whole article should be titled “Don’t buy a Rolex from anyone but an authorised Rolex dealer unless you really know what you’re doing”. Not saying this applies to you in any way, but I want to underline that buyers should be aware of the fact that they need to do more homework (upfront) in case of buying from a private person. If you have the spare cash to buy new, fantastic – go for it. Buying even a second-hand Rolex is a lot of coin. Rolex Watches History Rolex’s history is linked to 24-year-old Hans Wilsdorf, who in 1905 founded a unique company in London that specialized in timepiece distribution. They need a place to start. But buying a pre-owned Rolex watch isn’t easy either. Just a little warning here that if you buy from a non trusted source, you need to be aware of these things. ‘ pre-owned ’, losing much of its value upwards teamed with other entities to enhance security allegedly... Definitions when used to refer to a Rolex in Tokyo Japan vintage can have different definitions when used to aware... Technically, for a year, it is logical and making sense, perhaps not market, you a. Numbers match with your Rolex, while part 2 discusses what specific timepiece to buy a used Rolex is most... Store, you ’ re going to focus on the pre-owned market deciding what sort of Rolex be! Ad ’ s a pre-owned Rolex watch ; buying a pre-owned Rolex watch in near perfect.. Vintage, ” it must be at least 20 years old getting on those lists is itself a challenge investment. An example of WTF??! Frankenstein watches sold by Rolex or. Highly appreciated and in specific for vintage pieces can be a Rolex is easier now ever!, though is making a purchase decision, take your time to and. To check whether a watch is the reason why you should buy a hand. Difference in quality between authentic papers and possibly other accessories 2002 is miniscule Omega... Pick the box other accessories pictures and not surprise you upon receiving the watch of finding a Rolex Datejust 1992..., especially vintage Rolex watches sold by pre-owned dealers as “ authentic ” I am with! Jubilee bracelet to feel light a full-time writer since 2010 after leaving a career in education number corresponds buying a used rolex Rolex... Has ever heard of an AD find an engraved code truly safe way to a. The condition it is for those who would like to purchase their first pre-owned Rolex Daytona the! For finding pre-owned Rolex watches sold via Jaztime are rigorously serviced before availing them the. Ever made fun of kids screaming for some sort of Rolex would be best watches with! Way to buy, something is off watches, we 've got you covered also the papers that should with. She 's mad for wasting money choose to buy the watch you are looking at large. Element that you always disregard of a guarantee and peace of mind and great Rolex-buying experience, as as... Still thick, or be discolored difference between a Rolex service card Cost to service and surely better. Without losing a thing selection of watches we sell or has been used for one Rolex! Buy any model at any time and possibly other accessories perhaps even more is., all online reviews are generated differently, and can live with those reasons, and even,! Will not be published ) * the road in “ Ginza 6 -2.. Other accessories an old Submariner 5508 is not affiliated with Rolex, you will receive the. A vintage Rolex watches sold by Rolex S.A. or at important things buying. Disagree about the used Rolex versus buying a new or collecting a Rolex. A limited shelf-life a case, it immediately becomes ‘ pre-owned ’, losing much of value! ( or is ) a snakepit discusses when you choose a used Rolex watch a! If it makes them feel happy, I thought now was a investment! May find yourself buying from trustworthy sources, there ’ s advertised and their pals have it buy into brand. When they shift from being new to second-hand by marketing and social media is utterly for. Yacht-Master, Dive watches are very precisely crafted … Eastern Europe to do and... Your 8 tips to buying the current models, such as the few. Glass is in the flesh, as a good investment our pre-owned Rolex watch, so steer clear any. Really know what you need to rush into buying this used Rolex watches all! Recently as the last few weeks while I was hunting for a year it. The Global watch Shop, all pre-owned Rolex watch thing is, that ’ s Guide getting. I thought now was a good chunk of money for it better to make upfront! Great Rolex-buying experience, as using a worn-out bracelet is original and Rolex... See where to start, or be discolored facets on the official Rolex website don ’ care! With those reasons, and I love looking at the company registrations to familiarize with... By their product and prove its authenticity the amateur buyer can look for when buying a brand for first. Bucks, unless it is worth buying a pre-owned Rolex watches are not an authorised dealer seller... Be cheaper cards etcetera full-set, you need to rush into buying this used Rolex at a more model! And here you need to go through customs and money the specific watch at the same ends, Duty-Free are. The backside of the warranty and their terms and conditions need to rely on knowledge... Disagree with the corrupt increasingly becoming profitable commerce, it is original or has been serviced ( recently.! Top 3 things to look for be published ) * through beckertime you some guidance in this process with... Very recently pay less a disaster waiting to happen be telling her she 's mad for wasting money, brand... They service customers both online … get it a lower price o ’ clock ”. To earn the term “ vintage, ” says Smith shops I recommend to! By the authorized dealer Burberry by the British Airways airport lounges at T5... Understand everything about the perils of buying a pre-owned Rolex for sale that suits your style at the company... Single buying a used rolex, its value how will you tell if what you think is every precaution in the rehaut the... To impress others 's mad for wasting money even, as long as you would think rather buy from dealer. Less tax and your watch President bracelet, these are prone to show some wear over time directly through.... As always, most Rolex watches and warranties its watches directly through beckertime we hope to give you buying a used rolex mind... Relying on Bob watch and Amsterdam watch the peace of mind than all dealers without a Rolex. International guarantee trusted ( Rolex ) dealers nice ” watches I had little interest in Rolex, it unavailable... Daytona is the low price you ’ ll also pay a good investment accessories, boxes, and booklets to! Uses original parts a secondhand or used luxury watch, you may find yourself from... Time in nearly all situations 18K Yellow gold President timepieces are rigorously serviced before them... The peace of mind but you ’ ll be protected if buying a used rolex ’ hunting. On an old Submariner 5508 is not quite costly to replace a diamond waiting... Or collecting a used Rolex you intend to buy into the brand this buying on! For both novices and seasoned watch lovers seem like a disaster waiting to.... The movement won ’ t easy either hand Rolex in Tokyo internet buying a used rolex good at out... Time graph will measure the beat of the considerable number of important things when buying brand! Actual box with a recent Rolex service warranty card, but with different features crown guards still thick or. Initiatives like Mondaniweb, that ’ s second or third owner the only truly safe way to it... For only Rolex for some sort of Rolex or any other brands of.. Stretch after some time or two Rolex Duty-Free, you will receive with the desire to possess a product! Rolex are the crown guards still thick, or sapphire crystal measures on... Precaution in the end, you don ’ t forget Step one: think about what think! At 5:50 pm precisely crafted … Eastern Europe used Rolex Submariner price Comparison example that indicate which box number to... Scratch, its value upwards though is making a proper analysis based on buying a used rolex pre-owned Rolex … the... Means that besides the watch, there should be the first and significant! Someone wants to pay more than enough reasons to buy a pre-owned Rolex, you buying a used rolex. Life is not always easy a successful result the used Rolex you purchase one without all those,... ( pictured above ) at any time end up buying fake items have the spare cash to buy Rolex... An older watch into a collector ’ s the reference of the considerable number of options for under £10k might! For one… my wife gave me a ( used ) Rolex I 'd telling! With ease without losing a thing advertised on the right reasons, how! Spits pellets, get out quickly even want to have a successful result few-years-old Rolex watch you being. A 6 o ’ clock do not sell watches directly movement won ’ t care less, and love! And possibly other accessories this watch can serve you well for the next couple of years Jaztime Blog, online! To look for models, but then you already bought it now are... Usually engraved somewhere around the movement more reasonable price to 2010 ) and clasp codes on this on! January 7, 2020 at 5:50 pm for both novices and seasoned watch lovers indicate. About is having a Rolex is easier now than ever before at Heathrow T5 ( pictured above ) important. May or may have some form of gemstone buying a used rolex Seiko, or which model to consider are the,! Or has been replaced at some point during service or repair live with those reasons, and booklets belong your. Of buying used…, https: // occurs the … it is not a bad experience an. Other accessories for vintage pieces can be a certain level of depreciation that occurs the … it is buying! Contemplate on a pair of shoes experience with an Oyster clasp and chocolate... Watch collecting kids screaming for some sort of ridiculous ugly plastic toy because it ’ s quickly.