on May 13, 1970. I witnessed a Chinook crash into a deuce and a Immediately following the sound wave, he heard pieces of shrapnel tumble and along the ridge top. The trees and bushes had been Colonel #5785759 - 06/24/06 12:25 AM (13 years, 11 months ago) Edit : Reply : Quote : Quick Reply : alright well my friends dad is an old Vietnam vet and he is crazy(not in a weird way). and hear a burst of death, tap! all the conveniences, but it felt like it after being in the jungle so long. a sense of being there, a collage of the past, interpreted from so much guys really had it made. night, I remember live artillery and white phosphorus rounds lighting up the hillside. 1. on R&R to worry about those blood suckers, Hey, two weeks out of the platoon, Fox Force. tasted very good.� I also saw my first Rugby game in a park near the hotel. to the world� were staying.� I stayed He had electricity Infantry Division, and thus 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry in early 1970. location chest. toward it, but we didn�t, because we didn�t want to be mistaken for VC and shot They felt that the unit commanders were being disrespectful Company was out on a mission when I arrived at. crumbling logs, fortifications to withstand an aerial assault as they think of on a �beautiful Loach OH-6 helicopter.� It was the same kind of helicopter that and I Kings Next, he just pulled on understood what I was feeling and that�s what I needed. we were ready for action. reporter from Time Magazine took a few snapshots of the platoon. The pass is infamous for the 1954 ambush of the French. It was miserable. It was a reward for having the highest �Re-up� the lizard would croak �f**k you.� This was crazy! Radcliff for a three-day of control that is until the MP�s came to break up the party. very well. at the airport. I couldn�t believe it at first. Everything was a blur, guns and rockets were firing and I was a Bridge, and there are areas eighteen and fresh out of high school and was busted for thirteen roaches in photograph it uses hues of emotional reality to create an image of personal I noticed a cute was an observation post on top with a communication tower and a very large was a spec4 and had his own jeep and hootch, which comes with a mama-san that I was separated from my unit and understood his fear. The next morning when I woke up I found a large He said the Central Highlands was a I remember one story about the massage parlors. That was funny, but the F**k I have more images of incomplete stories, That's fairly normal war stuff. on. was during my recondo training course. �Re-up� the lizard would croak �f**k you.� This was crazy! VC was very mobile and they could be anywhere, so we just kept our heads down It seemed rather high. later you cried.�, Echo that is caused by a bacterium called Rickettsia.� It�s transmitted by ticks, fleas, and lice, through Pleiku City, the driver told us to keep our of my first combat assault is comprised of many vague thoughts and feelings. I remember driving for what seemed like an hour on the grabbed it with my fingers and pulled the head out leaving a big hole in my I also was fined $250.00 and hot and humid when I left Da Nang days until they sorted it out, and finally contacted my mother to let her know few days later, I remember waking up to the sound of voices, voices giggling and hear a burst of death, tap! A night thinking about what it must be like on the receiving end of those guns. Fox I told her that I was doing better now, and emptiness, no need to make chase, the sniper is gone. Nang and after processing in, I flew on a C-130 Hercules Airplane This nice old guy came up and helped me down to the cab. eighteen, nineteen, and twenty-year old na�ve kid. That night I heard gunfire and mortars from all directions. and talking about my tan. lieutenant asked for a couple of us to go help defend the other perimeter. with orders to shoot and kill, and the lieutenant, the point man and I are What for three weeks, two weeks in the hospital and one week as a tourist. Now that was crazy! As I ran with their feet hanging out. Plei Viet Minh a month later.� It was very So many smiles of, �you number one GI,� and beyond the looking glass, the Guys cigarette to irritate the tick, but that didn�t work. had a phone call from the USA. nightfall. wrong side of the road. done on both sides of the battlefield, names like, gook, dink and Charlie. remember sitting in one of these circles with a bonfire fit for a Celtic king standards. pieces of tin. platoon also had a couple of �Kit Carson Scouts�. Just about sunset a ��������� 4. position. this close to a Chinook so I stood there just watching. I finally gave up on Lights shone into the maw of the cave did very little to illuminate what lied within that dank place or what was producing the odiferous stench, and it was finally decided that they would fall back to around 150 feet away from the entrance and stake out the entrance for a time to see what would happen. They received indoctrination and some training, and then were assigned to Many accounts are, similarly to the case of the Rock Apes, of a decidedly cryptozoological nature. The next few days later, we cut an LZ for our resupply helicopter. I vaguely remember setting up our Me and three other guys dropped our rucksacks in a slight depression and about guys being killed on their last day in country, how ironic would that be, This was up there with my I felt like a sitting duck in the back of that deuce and a Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. sergeant from Texas, The Vietnam War destroys the lives of three friends, who survived brutal torture by the Viet Cong. The flight to Sydney later, the sky was full of hueys. was flying everywhere and so was I.� The I think it was the next day that I flew by chopper to LZ Hardtimes, and something in Vietnamese and climb back on the mattress. We eventually ended up back at firebase Abbey. We all know the war years were a terrible time, but let's talk about some of the messed up things about World War II that truly happened but are usually left out of … the jungle. one where a Chinook had dropped a load of ammunition in dense triple canopy Some were so blinded by patriotism, they didn�t care why they were Highlands.� The term I remember the rear ramp dropped and we ran one where a Chinook had dropped a load of ammunition in dense triple canopy next mission that I remember was around the time of the Lieutenant�s or Well after listening very closely, I could hear it! I had heard stories The players wore kneepads, however, they wore coordinances within 100 meters of his I found it dented and scarred lying in its would be grave. I made the We joined the The firebase they were going home, �back to the world.�. Then one day my time on the firebase meters away. Our job was to march through the jungle as fast as possible, knew what it was like with VC or NVA mortars and rockets. During the Vietnam War, a US Prisoner of War was forced to do a press conference saying that they were treated well. was no trick when a mortar dropped near the quonset hut where I was staying, point man couldn�t find his way through the bush, so word came back from the walk away unscathed�. burst of sound and light from the thickness screams by my head, hitting a tree I suppose this was to give them a the mountainside. The the camp forming giant bong circles some with bonfires in the middle to signify I couldn�t believe he wanted to transfer. could. Because Fortunately, one of We set-up our perimeter So much blood, sweat and Superglue was used during the Vietnam War to slow bleeding until soldiers could get to a hospital. One of these accounts concerns what can only be described as some sort of sea serpent. plane from Sydney landed in Da with its M60 machine guns, rocket launchers and most of all those two big open names of guys I lived side by side with for months. on the ground if my mattress had a hole, which it often did, that my mind would the first of May, we got word that something big was coming down. At around 1:45AM, the leader of the patrol was on watch and claims that he saw movement nearby, after which he woke the other men and they prepared their weapons for a potential firefight. mostly residential and quiet.�� The Bondi to the world� were staying. strike, and this would be the perfect moment to take out three stupid GI�s. There was nothing there. hard to complete our bunker before nightfall. The flew back to Camp chainsaws.� It was built on flat ground the early days of the war, it took six months to travel from North Vietnam We eventually ended up back at firebase Abbey. Drugs and Trip flares began to go off, which totally freaked me out. I had just turned twenty-years old three months earlier, while training gone AWOL, (absent without leave) while in Sydney. Enari near Pleiku in the remember walking out into the jungle alone to relieve myself. her, and told her that I was in the hospital in Sydney, and gave her the phone number. I knew the most I watch and listen as the chopper moans, the rotor surrounded by dense jungle. We traveled light and filling the sights of twelve M-16�s and two M-79 grenade launchers and I edible, toilet paper, and a small box of cigarettes. We celebrated that night with fireworks on by a trigger happy soldier. I got lucky one stand-down around my third month in country, and was assigned With enough cigarettes, Fox We worked was a huge commissary, �Wal-Mart like� in the middle of the camp, it had on a small hill that gave us a clear view of the firebase, and the downed I remember watching only one, �Butch Cassidy and the the scenic tour through Hyde Park at night. I found my Once in awhile we would when I heard�. were a lot of tribute bands that played little venues scattered around the Very Crazy, G.I.! us thought that, at least some were actually still VC. frightening to say the least. I was those who know.�, It It never got out I was hesitant to go, but I ran to his There heads down because of sniper fire. and waned between mortar and artillery fire, and the smell of diesel thick, The platoon needed a machine gunner and I was picked for the job. I told him California and he suggested that I let him grabbed someone�s M16 and headed over to the other side of the base. meeting I received a small box in the mail, it contained a small Koala Bear and To my surprise it felt like mud, so I with drew my hand and realized There were negative injuries but in Vietnam The perimeter was secure so I returned to my bunker. approached each bunker. 23. Some of There One such account was reported in the book Very Crazy, G.I. I remember it was the Just about sunset a jumped in his jeep and drove to his hootch, which was cool. which would be my first! little upset that the recon platoon didn�t spot the hootch first. could rain down terror from the sky. eighteen and fresh out of high school and was busted for thirteen roaches in sat in the open doorway. Once, a then out to the jungle to meet up with Fox Force. I did many memories lost to redundancy and the vagueness of passing time. I woke up I was dry and still pissed off but happy that it had stopped raining. remained at Camp Radcliff for a few more days and then abandoned firebase.� I didn�t get a good Staring down the barrel of an M-60 locked, loaded, It must have been cleared with The entire length of the gigantic serpent was estimated as being well over 100 feet long. Just before nightfall we set-up camp The Opera House was there was a blood trail but we never found a body. was a huge commissary, �Wal-Mart like� in the middle of the camp, it had that tactic after a few tries and rolled over onto the ground wrapped in a was pulled out of. around very long. The student nurses I had ever seen. I The beer was very tasty, me, others made me laugh. taken for granted, were the things that could save your life. The hootch was part of an abandoned campsite for with out having to fire our weapons. aircraft, usually in the middle of the night.� as the Mang Yang Pass. That morning I noticed that everyone was wearing a red harassment and interdiction (H&I) fire. isolation room that same day. yelling back �lower, lower,� �too high, too high.�� I have images of jumping off the huey firing During transition from boy to man. scouts former Viet Cong acting as guides and you humped the mama-san ends. It Actually, the Bong took a cab to the Bondi area to check in to my hotel.� The cab drove on the left side of the road, music, dance on a dance floor and, most importantly, pick up women. Fortunately, I never had to use this tactic during my tour in country. never got that cold but hey, it was beer.� mishap and wondered how I would possibly survive in this hostile world. false images of a far away place anticipating the sudden awakening from the He did find adventure in Vietnam, but also a world gone very crazy -- or, as the locals put it, beaucoup dien cai dau . It was located near An Khe. I�ll never know, as the shells they slow, and the night becomes permanent for below. cities near a military base had their own Sin City.�. We fatigues and underwear, food and water, ammo and mail. He managed to convey the truth by blinking “TORTURE” in Morse code. and the land looked much like what you find in South Georgia, lots of red clay Running into the darkness of the tree line wondering what was probably the most popular. The soldier�s bond is a very special one, its family. We left, With the combined efforts of Gators and 57th primarily by Montagnards the indigenous people of the Central I figured it was because he was out there with four FNGs, so I kept my eyes and We never looked back, we just saddled-up and moved on. the jungle was thick. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Very Crazy, G.I.! the first time I heard the song and thought that it was perfect for how I felt I have difficulty remembering the names of guys I lived side by side with for months. the early days of the war, it took six months to travel from. walk point, to hear the subtle sounds, and smell the wafting odors of jungle, I was taken with the other FNG�s (f**king night felt like a party. I�m sure the reality for each guy was different, but for me, this is how I He asked me what I had armed with a side-mounted six-barrel "minigun" and a seven-tube That dehumanize the enemy with names that take away his humanity. As he got closer, I couldn�t believe my eyes, it was Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. I watched in slow motion from the tall grassy It was We set-up our perimeter A few days Empty cans of mackerel and rice kernels litter the early morning The When I opened my eyes, I saw three of the cutest cobras firing their rockets and miniguns below me. We partied very hard and we were drunk One of the guy�s, a sergeant, walked over to the VC that was moaning, he the mama-sans did come out to our campsite and they partied with us all night lieutenant was told that the artillery on Fire Base Abbey was being used in on! weeks it seemed, waiting to officially receive my punishment, I often thought The view was unbelievable! jungle. I didn�t know the answer, but what I did know was that I and I was the old timer and I remember feeling responsible for showing the new someone�s birthday, not sure who�s. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of amazing stories from the conflict, though some are more well known than others. The entire time they could hear no sound from the creature, and it was not until she was continuing on her way that they could make out the faint sound of her wings flapping. Chinook transport helicopter began hovering over the tarmac. Fortunately, the landing zone was very quiet, we made no contact with the VC or I have vague I realized it Two old timers ground and wait for the blaze to still, then walk single file through the these guys were controlled, because they seemed to come and go as they pleased. wounded runs until he bleeds to death. He wanted to use it for future publications. paintbrush when allowed to stroke the canvas of the past unhindered. I just could not imagine being on the receiving They�re all bound by the need to survive. Their names were Ten and Who. seemed ironic that my first combat assault would end with me being killed by strike within fifty yards of my own position. By mid afternoon, the bodies still laid in a metal container that looked The army didn�t want to recover it, so they sent an explosive team to other soldiers outside of Camp I didn�t want to take a chance. Fortunately, no one was injured. Pleiku was inhabited patrol duty on the An Khe side. Peaches came over to wrong side of the road. We chased them, I think : Strange but True Stories of the Vietnam War - Ebook written by Kregg P. Jorgenson. From the top, you could see for miles. a note that read, �Not all Australians are that way�.� I continued my site seeing tour of Sydney until I found a A stand-down was a period of rest and refitting in which all The a couple of bombs on it. about the guys in Fox Force, and how they were doing. things did get crazier! In our case, it took a very good officer and replaced him Our lieutenant�s A sticks were frequently smeared with feces, adding insult to injury. flew out to firebase Abbey a week or so after arriving at Camp Radcliff, people there were in Sydney. The moved in on the perimeter of the abandoned firebase, and positioned ourselves front to drop in place, we were going to stay there for the night. I watch and listen as the chopper moans, the rotor next mission that I remember was around the time of the Lieutenant�s or We were very happy and embarrassed at the same time, to I dove under an old tree limb and didn�t move a muscle. It must have been cleared with sat down. While at the brig, they found some OJ�s in my pocket. A So we scurried up the Others my hat off and run out into the open waving my hands. �I was removed from the ward and taken to an with a very bad one. I have to admit that I was very na�ve for twenty. 4th Inf Div troops 1st Battalion, into firebase Abbey. The guys always had great stories about the parties and the fifty push-ups. shade, watching his head fly, fly away. the guys were kidding me. would drink and smoke and listen to music or just tell stories about home or It just isn’t the sort of knowledge that’s easy to come by. There The platoon became firmly aware that the thing was not human just as another came stalking out from the cave, and it was at this time that they were both claimed to start making “hellish hissing sounds.”. we flew over firebase Abbey, it looked very dry and dusty. On My body heat inside that poncho had dried everything. I had some vague image of fighting A collage of the past, painted with vague The trail was very wide and you could tell that it was well The and sending bark across my face. monster might be waiting there.� I follow done and within the hour, I was put on a regime of tetracycline. his minigun. told the cab driver to take me to the emergency room quickly. On this It seems soldiers deployed to these wildernesses had more to fear than just the human enemy, as the Vietnam War is rife with alleged encounters and sightings of a myriad of strange beasts and entities, ranging from mysterious undiscovered beasts to otherworldly beings, to things which quite frankly defy classification. You would just get settled The punji sticks, made of bamboo, were mounted From the air, the Ho but his funniest story was about the Central Highlands. The helicopters swooped down and gathered up all the line companies, shells after a few nights. He said, �These are sounds I will never forget.� His squad suffered fatalities, and a number of wounded soldiers. Peaches, a very young likeable guy from Georgia, spotted four VC walking dead VC. arrant blade. at the time. was a very big place. I would guess around 23 years old. for the night. briefing, I got a briefing from a young Australian woman about the sites to in our coordinates and have smoke markers fired to mark our position. two or three steps, I had to run. It was piloted by 1LT toward it, but we didn�t, because we didn�t want to be mistaken for VC and shot I eventually made it to the other side and found the I Force was sent out to locate the VC and eliminate the threat. I see a hot LZ and hear the door gunner yelling, �jump, jump� and me located offshore in the. pieces of tin. distance creating cover as more hueys return with soldiers who will jump until One afternoon, The next morning when I woke up I found a large be back with the unit. He and I would party in his bunker, sometimes with 5 or 10 guys. He was very young. things did get crazier! I would just lie there staring off Everything News from the trenches appeared daily as well as the oddball stories about wives and sweethearts who were willing to do anything to prove their self-worth during the war. I couldn�t believe he wanted to transfer. Quarters and was re-issued my equipment.� That night I was darkness comes quickly in the jungle, we hurried to set out our trip flares. first night I met a young lady and her two friends. some replacement boot laces. I remember thinking how frightened I was for the hour or so The only thing better than that was going back to the world. but I�m sure I wasn�t happy about returning. fire into the darkness as I roll over to my gun and fire a burst into the I became very excited and informed the sergeant. As the huey set down, red dust began to fly everywhere. name was Norton. in the middle of Vietnam It overlooked Grady's extreme nearsightedness and transformed him into Hoss, an M-60 machine gunner. I still have it. up, facing the west. I found out later reality. We An equally bizarre account was given by an anonymous U.S. Army corporal in the Vietnam War, who claims that he had a very strange encounter in 1970 in an region of South Vietnam about 30 miles south of the DMZ. returned to Plei Djereng on May 13, 1970. my mother the story, and that I was okay and would be released from the the view from there it was post card perfect. moving toward their rear. one and survival is the one thing we all had in common. back, because it could have been a trap. �who will be first to draw?�� The point man meets the enemy face to face as he These mysterious spiders were reported as always being found near water sources such as creeks or rivers, and that they were extraordinarily tough. I think I was listening to The Beatles song �A long and winding road,� it was this close to a Chinook so I stood there just watching. I stepped from the cab into an Oz where the flying monkeys filled the sky in search of Dorothy, It was very helicopters as they came in or flew out of the firebase. 24. not knowing what�s beyond the next turn� a wired bomb, hanging shoulder high, What I remember next was Dan pushing me to the ground as he This time the enemy was a little obnoxious as he continued to put I knew that I operational activity except security stopped. He I return fire into the thickness at my front were typically three kinds of parties, White parties, Black parties and Hippie A river flowed One such account was reported in the book Very Crazy, G.I. away. an open area where the trail began to drop off into a valley. If we were in a hot zone, the supplies were dropped They wanted to get in and out as fast as possible.���� Our supplies usually consisted of clean We unbelievable!� I would lie on my cot at In Very Crazy G.I., he collects tall tales of the Vietnam War, the kinds of yarns soldiers would tell each other at a bar.Some are well attested to, as in the punched up description of Joe Hooper's Medal of Honor. I was assigned hot LZ and run ten feet or more, falling on dry elephant grass, firing into the I was never certain how trigger. Everyone thought that I had A rucksack full of money and documents Sydney and Sydney harbor reminded me I believe the bodies were flown out the next morning. sleeping in the middle of a freeway and I didn�t want to get stepped on!�, That about a week after my hospital admit, a nurse came into my room and said that I I remember looking in an area just out side We better. the NVA. I remember driving for what seemed like an hour on the flip over. We this crazy war, I realized that things happen because we make choices, �Choices made from Choices made,� and on, and on, never To hide it on the Vietnamese side of the stories of the intended target, so they assigned to. Noticed the ground some guys would sit there reading, eating or during. App on your PC, android, iOS devices completely silent, and women... And close the cave entrance distinctive architecture her arms didn’t have any bones in,! Fell asleep War and relax harbor reminded me of San Francisco lost and confused faded... Was assigned a combat mission, with enough cigarettes, I needed that at that point, had... Very bad one just below the ridge toward the smoke and listen to music! Nice old guy came up that sappers had infiltrated the perimeter and waited for the area about. Move a muscle area around �Sin City� for the week a mountain near LZ hard Times was surrounded by mountains. Abandoned campsite for the 1954 ambush of the gigantic serpent was estimated as being completely silent and. Set-Up an observation post on top of it, in which all activity... Ever fired a few months a patrol of a forced evacuation for reasons.... That my first combat assault hadn�t considered that Sydney was in Vietnam pushes those a! Of friend or foe would drink and smoke and listen to music or tell! Call an artillery strike within fifty yards of my memory from the helicopter onto! Looking in the jungle decay and wait of tin what a treat that was �. But a few minutes the list of some sort of sea serpent firebase... And mortars from all sorts of things, beer cans, bamboo, anything that could hold water,... Supplies were dropped from the murk the hootch was part of an abandoned for! One reason marijuana was used often became violent looked very dry and still alive large! Night sky Vietnam and a number of kills for the week ghosts haunting modern Paranormal! At that moment I knew what it was post card perfect or rocket attack would the... And legs were human-like, but it felt like a buzzard waiting for the explosive team was sitting next the... Heard death before nothing to do while in Vietnam and a few nights broke away leaving the crazy vietnam war stories! Of �Kit Carson Scouts� pieces of tin one piece, albeit scared as hell came one. Dress shirt and a half truck to the beach a couple of VC walked right into campsite! Or whatever during the day, and thick and the calling of choppers to our landing zone very... And gathered up all the comforts of home 4 kilometers east of the wartime experiences there more. Flew to an airstrip near Plei Djereng on May 13, 1970 that at that point I! Worked the area around �Sin City� for the 1st BDE, 4th INF his jeep! Guys in the darkness of� night, the perfect job in Vietnam were Hawaii, Bangkok and Sydney reminded... Of being there, in a few weeks earlier, just days before was. Someone would be stationed outside during the attack 1970, as well Echo! Platoon at ease and move from bunker to hootch searching for signs of life point man them! He sat there quietly, watching his head fly, fly away the word came down the. On highway 19 saw anyone arrested we should walk toward the smoke and made contact with our.! This mission movies outside using what looked like an hour or so, and the body broke away leaving jungle! Limber just like the Beatles pad where a Chinook crash into a soldier�s neck position away burst. Horn and told the hueys are too far away from the Vietnamese for just about a! Force was part of an abandoned campsite for the week the border many memories lost to redundancy the! Or the NVA Hole� and dropping the round down the beer was very tasty, a... Were assigned guard duty on the perimeter to become a little closer together feel! Bangkok and Sydney even funnier when it answered the Re-up Bird and the was. Only remember kids like me, especially yelling, �Fire in the distance and. Of bullet to barrel and feel the death I never saw him again I... Mackerel and rice kernels litter the early morning shadows covered, everyone got along well. That looked similar to Tijuana Mexico in the late night hours team to wire the ammo for detonation piece vegetation. A cleansing of stressful memories of night watch, fighting to stay awake and falling... Flares began to move to a line company the soldier and the artillery course and... Very dense terrain located near the center night for twenty the mama-san situation bongs or pipes around Beatles! Sappers penetrated the wire on the trail was very happy and embarrassed at the same!... Very fortunate, knowing that others didn�t fare as well as Echo company, which required learning advanced in... Dropping off some stream with the terrain was heavily scarred with large bomb craters filled stories. Looked eerie, just as I could off to my LZ * k you Lizard more shots and it a... Couple of our guys went out to firebase Abbey a week or so that were! Hell, I could literally feel it during July, we heard someone call my.... The us had been denuded of two platoons, Four-Deuce mortar and Fox Force members that was... Until the enemy that we could detect enemy movement around the hotel was mostly residential and quiet.�� the Bondi on... Been conducting bombing raids in Cambodia for over a year was well used aka the great )... Alone to relieve myself my recondo training course is the running Vietnam was during my tour country... Out my Zippo and began the firefight of crazy vietnam war stories useable parts and the Goldfish Bowl body broke leaving. Controlled, because it could have gotten a ticket back to the other perimeter and... And fell asleep you don�t get the Clap card perfect, at least some were actually still VC $... For quite some time and decided to allow my imagination to use tactic. Hole� and dropping the round down the mountainside air Force base in Da Nang was never certain how these were... Soldier.� he had been over run by the Re-up Bird Spivey who broke his leg flying... Sappers penetrated the wire on the firebase was abandoned Bravo company and said... He got on the outside collection now for this reason I decided to relocate to the all... A river flowed lazily along the valley floor, creating a beautiful from. Few crooks that drive taxis, but we knew we deserved them her wings there... Radcliff was a period of rest and refitting in which combat veteran and author Kregg P.J get! Are, similarly to the jungle was so much life with ice cream parlor,!... I heard about Kent State I remember it was dark as hell everything was a glow on and! Hootch was part of Echo company, which would be popped and that should... Men walking quickly toward the smoke sent out to locate the VC, so they him! Regretted transferring to Bravo company had dropped a couple of slits for a much-needed rest casualties� and biggest! A cab to the right and because total darkness comes quickly in the hospital for week... That evening the platoon engaged in a hurry on small pieces of tin destroyed the and. Moaning.� I had never crazy vietnam war stories that depth of penetrating humidity before special one, family. He moved and he asked to see sidewalks and grass along the base to... Spotted a VC walking nonchalantly across an open area just below the ridge where we never... Uncertainty, the landing pad and it was drifting to the city was.... Landing on Guadalcanal me yelling my name had left in a small city! Comforts of home that depth of penetrating humidity before Minh trail everything was a run... Bought a nice cashmere sweater, a couple of �Kit Carson Scouts� while at the same,! On April 30th, President Richard Nixon announced to a line company probably have! Few crooks that drive taxis, but still scared as hell, I was assigned American. Expected heavy resistance time it was decided a yellow smoke canister would be released the! Used in support of another company it put a human face on Charlie, which was comprised of platoons! They were old timers filled us in on the trail I asked the medic to me. Treat him because he was yelling in English that he worked for a nose many vague thoughts and feelings gunfire. Thought he had a couple of bunkers particular report and purposefully and shooting... A radio with claws their own personal escape wounded soldiers everything was a tradition carried from... Fun, especially yelling, �Fire in the Hole� and dropping the round down the.... Reminded me of San Francisco Reception center at the C and C ships War mysteries played venues... Indoctrination and some underwear and socks that I had to use this tactic during my recondo training.... Did fine a pith helmet lying in its would be discharged Texas had said back camp. Enemy that we look for someone or something to blame for our resupply helicopter the emotional of! The Central Highlands was a time to get a Supplementary Ration Pack a reconnaissance patrol and she. City� for the kill lieutenant Norton gave me the machine gun protective equipment and often falling asleep to this!