First trimester; Second trimester; Third trimester; Pregnancy problems; In-Depth; Expert Answers; Multimedia; Resources; News From Mayo Clinic; What's New; Products and services . Here are some first trimester pregnancy dos and don’ts... Do eat healthily. The first trimester of pregnancy may not be the best time to exercise your green thumb. Avoid Hot Tubs & Sauna. Do you have bad habits? To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy journey. Source: iStock Do's: Check that you're actually pregnant. Start taking your prenatal vitamins. The number one thing you need to focus on is fueling your body with healthy food, plenty or water, rest, and relaxation. In this list, we are going to discuss the best sleeping positions during pregnancy and the dos and don’ts. 8. In your second and third trimester it’s advised that you don’t do exercises that involve you lying flat on your back as the weight of your baby can constrict blood flow. for any query or personal consultation according to your health condition Please Contact Us. The first trimester of pregnancy is defined as a period that starts from the first day of a pregnant woman’s last period and continues till the end of 12 weeks. Some foodborne illness, such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis can be caused by eating unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses, fish high in mercury, or raw or undercooked foods, Meat and eggs. Do’s and Don’ts in the first trimester of pregnancy: Disclaimer – Above article is only for knowledge purpose. To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy journey. So if you are a non-veg lover, don’t eat raw meats during your pregnancy. What you can and can't do when you find out your pregnant! DO’s and DON’Ts for First Trimester: Do you want to know Do’s and Don’ts for First Trimester? Don’t become a Diabetic Mom Quit Smoking and Alcohols. It is time to quit them now! First I want to give you a list of things you should not do during your first trimester of pregnancy. Common sense is the best yardstick. The first thing you should do when you find out you are pregnant is to visit your Doctor. Consult Your Doctor. I’ve also listed some postures you may wish to avoid, however, if it feels good then it is safe to still include them in your practice. Right now you may be feeling the early symptoms of pregnancy like … Spread the love. Avoid Travelling in the First Trimester. Lying on your back can lead to a condition called Supine Hypertensive Syndrome, ie. Do's And Don'ts While First Trimester Of Pregnancy! Pregnancy dos and don’ts for each trimester, from a gynae A lot happens during the first three months. In your first trimester, you may feel too tired, sick or stressed to have sex. There’s plenty of time to get everything in order, but the earlier you start, the better. The first trimester don’ts. Most may think that pregnant women shouldn’t move much and be careful at all times. Do's And Don'ts While First Trimester Of Pregnancy! So let’s get started. But don’t worry! Dos and don'ts in pregnancy The list of things to avoid if you're pregnant – or things you MUST do – can feel very long indeed, not least because the advice seems to change so often. I have a list of guidelines for you about your do’s and don’ts in the first trimester. Caffeine Pregnancy Staying Healthy. Pregnancy and motherhood is a boon but one needs to be extra careful as the first three months are crucial in development of the baby. Learn more about your first trimester: you get flu shot while pregnant? 2. That is exactly why we’ve put together this list of do’s and don’ts for your first trimester, so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your baby during this important phase of pregnancy. Here is a list of things that you should avoid completely during your pregnancy. You’ll want to start taking folic acid supplements as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant. Be Stress-Free. 20. Don’t obsess about your weight. pregnancy dos and don'ts food list #pregnancy #pregnancytips #firsttrimester … DO start taking folic acid supplements. Here are some first trimester dos and don'ts for your reference. Here you will find a thorough Do’s and Don’ts of 1st (first)trimester of pregnancy list, to guide you through the 1st (first) trimester of pregnancy precautions and give you a happy and healthy child. Pregnancy Don’ts for the First Trimester (Week 1 to Week12) Without the advice of your gynecologist, don’t take any medicine that’s not prescribed .may it a simple fever or allergy, as this can risk yours, as well as your baby’s life. First trimester pregnancy tips. Pregnancy can be a very confusing time, especially if it’s your first. There’s a lot to look into. Working during pregnancy: Do's and don'ts. In the first trimester of your pregnancy, you are free to sleep in any posture you are comfortable with. MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, DGO . Free E-newsletter Subscribe to Housecall. Yoga poses for your first trimester. DO’s & DON’Ts in First Trimester “Dos” of the First Trimester: #1 PRENATAL VITAMINS If your pregnancy is quite a planned one, then I am sure you would be already taking these Prenatal Vitamins like Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Iron, etc.