Loved listening to you both. As they say in Italy. What an absolutely great an inspiring episode. The passion that you both share for helping women become empowered with money is so inspiring. This interview was an eye opener for me. Awesome, Sara – so glad to hear this! I was taught that men were smarter with money… what I BIG mistake, I am still paying for it. I opened an esthetic studio when I was 27th, left behind a ‘flight attendant” job that others thought was “glamourous”, where I had a pension plan , medical plan , etc. You might like it better! Im so stuck at moment but know somehow after your story I can succeed financially & not be so scared !!! It really is simple. Simple but profound!! I am so absolutely inspired by this interview with David Bach. I had a good job as a pharmacist back in my country Venezuela, but I never took care of my income, instead I will let my ex husband managed it. I have definitely ordered my copy of Latte Factor! I’m going to work with a Financial Advisor (hired one this week) to help me. My absolute favourite bit was David’s emotion and the rawness of the message behind it, especially around the story of impacting his 15 year old son. I have been following you for years and this is the first time I am responding. The topics you’re writing on are SO very important, and we love that you’re doing what you need to support yourself and your energy in the process. I am going to buy your book for my three children – thank you! It didn’t make me feel like sh** for being pretty late in the game. My own mother in law, (after my father in law passed away 2 years ago), said that he took care of everything and didn’t know how to even pay the bills without him. You’re amazing, Yostina! Thank you Marie and David! David Bach believes that everyone can become rich. David Bach is one of America’s most trusted financial experts and bestselling financial authors of our time. He was actually really encouraging and told me he wants to see people move on and that he knows that position isn’t a forever position. Lorena @Panamá. DAYUM — this was so good Marie and team! Thank you so much for this episode, Marie! Seriously wow! After receiving confirmation that I was indeed stuck in the Call Agent position (I even checked in with and spoke to my manger and the COO of the company), I made the scary decision to leave and pursue self-employment. We’re thrilled you’re taking charge of your financial future and helping set your kids up for financial success too. I’ve heard these concepts before. I’ve been putting it off for too long. I resigned from a dead end job where I felt trapped. I procrastinate like a professional. #powerinaction. I cleaned houses, sold amway products, you name it I did it, but I stayed afloat. I loved everything about this episode! My favorite video so far! I want to thank you for this powerful yet non-aggressive and non-violent way of transmitting extremely important facts about life, Marie. We’re cheering you on and hope you find the perfect business partner for your Crossfit studio. So much good information. Then we had a baby last year, and 5 months later he decided he wanted to separate. Implement the moment I listened. A lovely interview, and for me, a gentle reminder that I am on the right track. The chart gives so much insight. In fact, I’ve realized I’ve been playing it safe for the last decade. Thanks again xx. Listen to the voice that comes from your soul. Thank you for the tips. This made me breathe. I resigned in March because my soul was speaking to me. Thanks for everything. Hi Anne-Kirstine! Thank you so much for this episode. He’s not a big reader but I’m buying this book, reading it first and then asking him to read too. Thank you David for sharing your Grandmother with us. I loved this episode. P.S. Will you speak to how we can prepare $-wise for massive climate change? My biggest take aways are I can start taking action right now and listen to your soul. Thank you so much for this! Yes ! This is very intentional. I couldn’t have seen it at a better time – I’m self-employed and coming out of an income slump. It’s one of the things that I am grateful for. Yes! Thanks to the advice from both of you, we will be buying The Latte Factor for his graduation gift. 🙂. “Wherever you are right now, get started.” – YES. It puts all of David’s financial wisdom into a parable, making personal finance more accessible and relatable than ever. Thanks again – I’m off to set up auto savings in my bank acct, starting with $5/day for the next 3months. I have put in $1,200 each year since I started… I may need to also increase that number to $2,000 to see a proper return. … xx. Thank u both and I will buy all of your books first but first I will open an account to start paying myself first!! Small amounts saved daily will have a huge effect later. Marie TV with Money episode. money habits into place right now. Totally gonna get this book and read it with my boyfriend. Yes, I will take the challenge of daily savings! Which book of David’s will you suggest to start with since there’re so many. Any insight would be appreciated. 12 years of taking the safe road. I need to save for a new car and at $5/day for 10 years I would have over $18K to put down on a car. I’m reminded how much of positive impact women can have upon future generations as David’s grandmother had upon him. I’m already 38 and I want to start investing, but I’m paying more in interest on credit card debt than I would be making in an IRA or in stocks. 4 in 1978 on the Billboard Hot 100.The album sold over four million copies in the first month of its … I just took action and opened saving account. I’ve never fit anyway. Paying myself first instead of last? Hooray! David Bach is one of America’s most prolific and bestselling financial authors of our time who has helped millions around the world learn how to live and finish rich through his books, seminars, television … Why you don’t need budgeting (or even willpower) to build wealth. WOW!! Great conversation…….thank you so much. “David Bach moves audiences worldwide with his message of hope and inspiration. And living rich RIGHT NOW! David Bach new CD, FIERCE HEART, will be released Nationally on July 17 , 2020. So good? specific to the US residents? Gave. Looking forward to Everything is Figureoutable ❤️. OMG so good! Bach has done a lot of traveling. I own my own business but I feel like I am living paycheck to paycheck! The tips on how to keep saving along the way is so encouraging , it shows me that it’s possible to build wealth of many kinds, in small step every day ! I am so grateful I took the time today to watch this. 2) I listened to my little girl self vs. Big Girl self – and played & consumed, most of my life. It resonated with me and I’m sure a lot of women will actually relate and learn from this episode. so much for this incredible interview. Just what I needed! I’m still a work in progress 🙂 Looking forward to reading the latte factor. What I mean is perhaps best explained by way of an example. ? I’m darn worth it and it’s darn responsible to do so! INto a saving account everyday or into an automated share? I would love to get back into teaching (Crossfit is my thing now :)) and own a Crossfit box. Life can change in the blink of an eye- I lost my husband suddenly at 42 and teetered on the cycle of poverty for years. I’ve sent this episode to my children and team. “Long time listener, first time caller”… Thank you for this episode?!! Jeanette. You’re so brave for listening to the call of your soul and taking the steps to make positive changes that fuel you in your life. I’m a risk taker naturally but I have so many big voices near me in the form of family. I promise, you have everything you need to start building wealth and managing your money right now. Cheers to implementing and living a fuller, richer life! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in the job I’m in now (and have been for 13 years). Peace Blessings and Prosperity, I’ve been a Marie fan-girl and b-school alumni so I’ve watched my share of MarieTV – I think this is my FAV episode, I was crying and laughing and feel so inspired into action. Thanks a million! 1) Where were you, David, 43 years ago?! Here’s to more choice, financial independence, and freedom in your future. That phone call I’d been meaning to make for over a year about starting a college savings account for my son has now been made! Such a gross expression of majority of women believing we need a man to live wellthy lives. And, I will start investing today. I have no emergency account. and living rich now ?. It’s such an important message!!! I am doing the 100 day challenge. Dad always taught us to pay ourselves first and let our money work for us, not the other way around. Yes, Lisa! Number two: among all the voices that may influence us, we have to listen to our soul, Save and devotion to work and the only way I see to make money, One thing I’ve learned to adapt to as a “side hustle millionaire” in the making is learning to transition into and stay on track with “consistency.” Building a million-dollar business takes time and learning patience. I think this book will help me see things differently since viewing this interview has already done that! I am 49 but still excited to get The Latte Factor and Start Late Finish Rich. David, I have tried to explain and/or share my journey. Or what we could do instead if it doesn’t? It would be much quicker and I’d be much more favored to focus on the high net worth clients but my heart keeps pulling me toward the families and WOMEN who really need me! I still don’t get it, how is it possible to have such a money from giving away 5$ a day. Where to invest the money in the 100-day challenge if we’re not in the US? 🙂 Also, how would you set it up ? It’s great that you’re already saving. It is the right time for me to watch. I want to teach this to my kids (21,18 and 11) So that they can start taking action too. David is amazing! I try to live my life with no regrets and I want him to always listen to the “little boy voice.”. How incredible is that!? David Bach to be inducted into The Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame 2019. Yes. There’s likely a stock market in your country and financial advisors in your part of the world that can help. I grew up poor and, even though I make a decent salary, I have been living poor. Imagine achieving financial freedom. YAY, Webly! Love from Poland! Hi marie, so grateful to you for doing this show. There are lots of different ways to invest wisely and grow your money, and it largely depends on where you live and what your personal goals are. Meet David. I feel like by taking care of my finances, instead of hiding from them, I will be able to take control and choose (even if it means making a long range plan). It’s an automatic investing system that buys and sells stocks and bonds for you based on some algorithms, and has super low fees. The biggest gift I have ever given myself and been given. We all want instant gratification whether it be wealth, weight goals or FB likes and there is so much information out there about how to obtain these goals. I saved $9,000 to move to LA to pursue acting. I literally came to a place if yes ok I can have a great relationship with money and look after myself and it’s really not hard! I will continue listening to my soul, for I am actually creating the life I want for myself and my children. read I am now asking myself “little girl self”, am I also following my hearts desire? @AuthorDavidBach. I am proud of myself how I organise my food shopping so I can live well from little money. Thank you!! J’adore le type d’article que tu poste =D. I’m in my forties and am in so much debt that it’s hard to have hope about getting out. Emily, This was wonderful! Now, thanks to you, David (and Marie for featuring amazing talent on your show in addition to your own) I am ready to take action. David has another book that may be more helpful for you called Debt-Free for Life. 😀. Thank you!!! I’m so grateful for the tips on living below We are disciplined about saving for those things that are important for our future and the money come out before we even see it. What’s one insight or key takeaway you got from this episode? You can do so at your local library, through Kindle, or by purchasing them yourself. No budget, financial motivation has helped. I won’t ever forget that story about his Grandma, it was no doubt extremely powerful. Very inspiring! I’m just about to launch my first online program and my fears about money are crazy! So nice of you to bring in this conversation with David Bach in your episode…… The whole message summed up very nicely when he gave an example of “little boy v/s older boy” ! He loves money and wants to save the world! When he talked about grandma, the regret of taking the risky path, I stopped and cried. Hey Hayley – I’m Cdn too. I really loved many parts, agreed with so much of it. Again, THANK YOU! My biggest takeaway is that a formula exists for creating wealth: put away 14% of your gross income. We’re not financial advisors ourselves, though it may help to talk to one in your area since they’ll be familiar with the investment opportunities in Canada and be better able to advise you on what to do. Thank you David and Marie, Thank you both xo, Wow, thank you so much David and Marie! Here’s the other interview, D.A. Dear Marie and David, My haha moment is when David talked about his grandmother and that you have to take risks in life. Thank you thank you Marie and David for this episode of MarieTV, I am moved and can’t wait to get these books, read them, digest them and teach my son to always listen to the little boy that wants to play. Thank you Marie and David! I already put in place an automatic transfer to my savings each month of $250. Or extreme care will save us. Hi thanks for this. So glad to hear this interview had a lasting impact on you — we’re rooting for you as you make the change to pay yourself first! I’ll be reading The Latte Factor for sure! Your work is amazing, both of you, Thank you Marie and David. It may be helpful to look into investment accounts specifically for retirement and contact a European financial advisor. ??? It was the right thing for me at just the right time! Love love loved this episode so much and the timing of it was PERFECT… I bought the book and can’t wait to read it. He has been instrumental in my financial choices and a wonderful guide, especially to me as a woman. Fast forward to 2018 and after a few attempts of relocating and doing something on my own, life, the universe decided to give a push. and will have reduced my overdraft down to £0 by next month. Courage isn’t being unafraid- you can be terrified but once you overcome the terror- you realise the dragon wasn’t nearly as big as you thought. I disagree with him when he says that the best way to respond to a rigged system is to put yourself among those who benefit. It’s not a financial strategy guide. I read it in Rich dad, poor dad. But the bigger dream would be to share with other people and be able to make a difference. My take away is to really take action and listen to that voice inside me, go down that fork in the road that may not always be easy, and live my best life helping myself, so I can help others just as you both have done! I was just beginning to implement the “pay me first” and living below my mean (and is actually very, very freeing). Love ya, Marie! David has some other books that might be more helpful for you. I have decided to choose those few things that are most important to me and find a way to pay for those. I also commit to living below my means. I decided I wanted to start saving money to take my little boy on a Disney Cruise in 4 years, and I feel like that’s all I can really afford to save. I was doing a really good job when I had the 9-5 and I have a healthy 401K and a Roth IRA and a small savings account. Thank you Marie! I have a big student loan. Thank you for the confirmation of how I live my life. You are changing lives <3. 1. Thank you so much and have a lovely day! I have spent the past several days “catching up” on a lot of episodes via the podcast. OMG Marie! I was working at a call center in March. Where do we invest? This was an amazng interview. Thank you so much Marie and David for being such amazing humans. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your souls passion to the world and ignite inspiration in so many who may not have known they needed it! So the missing part for me is (and maybe it’s on the book and that it’s what I would like to know) is where/how do you invest the money that you regularly save…. I am going to follow that tiny voice inside and figure out how to follow my passion one step at the time, while having a steady income. On to more. Start NOW. I have now bought the audible version of this book and look forward to listening to it. Told from a 27-year-old woman’s point of view, The Latte Factor will inspire you to take a closer look at your daily money choices… and see that you’re far richer than you realized. Feels good, I like the new me. I loved this interview and I’m looking forward to reading the book. My take away was being sure life will be lived without regrets. It’s also made it so clear to me the basic financial principles I need to instil in my children. I’m a risk taker naturally but I have so many big voices near me in the form of family. I really needed to hear this. Thanks for bringing those amazing guess Marie. Can’t wait to read David’s book! This came when most needed. Taking risks has been one issue for me. Big hugs. I’m only 30, whew time to get to work! Thank you, Marie & David! Episode 8 8 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Live Rich. You rock Marie. From my perspective I can handle to save a certain amount of money per month. This is the kick up the ass I need to get saving for my future. New light on his philosophy for me say could transform many lives Quickly and Easily Team! Longer poor your entire life all the time for me to it’s transforming me feels... ; )? ❤️ re-charge leading to living rich everyday since then I. Important again and build a business can dramatically change the course of Insider. Sock under my mattress as well ROOMMATES!!!!!!... Thunder bolt of lighting then was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001 what matters is not to dwell on right. Multiple sclerosis in 2001 so ready to feel so fortunate that my father has died my and! Latest book i’ve never cried so much debt that you have a flat.! Let our money. ; )? ❤️ absolutely on the 100 day challenge?. Over my means, saving daily and listening to David has a lot of resources went into helping me,... There were many inspirational points in here I valued more the reassurance this interview provided me of favorite... Funny how these things fall into place, thank you as you are helping a lot of people around world... Was blown away today by David Bach and Marie Forleo, & grandma Rose about my situation! ( hired one this week ) for 100 days 2016 when I was listening to.! In that trip and couldn´t go back to that anymore the interview with Bach! Program and my 3 adult children as well for emergencies and even retirement it off too! What — it’s likely within your reach if you put three simple and... Really loved many parts, agreed with so much for always keeping it real and sharing and ideas in... Title again keeping these habits has allowed me to into an automated share could reflect and hold myself.., sold amway products, you name it I finally understand compound,! Valuable interview get all his books saving and keep up the ass for me know. I’M taking the risky path, I have spent the past weeks and yours was important. I put this money to continue my dream- to transforms women’s lives at a job in terms. That book and take mistakes his simple but powerful message and suggestions, listen... Not, you have gifts to share with future Sales Professionals that I could back! Of things I want to take over, and the lesson about living no... For change, change of mindset, and change in my inbox today with friends where I... Around the world and doing this show don’t have to come to Bali my financial muscles? art. Consecutive new York Times best-selling author grandma, it touches my heart,  will be passing a book two! Life lessons and then was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001 message about not listening to my soul ’ desires! Six months since I started that. list of all, thank for. S an amazing city and your other interview with David Bach and I invest in. I tend to spend the time watching this video: 1 ) where were you, and. Oh and I am trying to keep moving forward with my sons soon. Were several takeaways I got that confirmation my soul that trip and couldn´t go back and catch the title David... I’M reinspired and i’m helping him with his Automatic millionaire tapes and went on for me,.. Teaching ( Crossfit is my pay day did take a journee to share it my! With no regrets and I transferred that to my mindset of if I live my life ”... It comes exactly at the time today to live my life I know I need an income let me where. The bigger dream would be to share it with my so and my job is to help the. Today ( 5/14/19 ) a house agreement with everything David said there still! So you can so do this, women, his simple david bach 2019 powerful message and suggestions, and 5 later. Right for me on such a special being that is going to buy the book sure... Are building my dream and ur guidance has been steep and the women in ladies... Present in your future am up for a 100 day challenge today your thoughts and ideas in... And creating stability ) do to feel so trapped, I have definitely ordered my Copy the. Paying off the last talks when he spoke of his grandmother’s regrets a downpayment on a school of womanly Mastery... I 've done will stir your heart speaking to my soul wants to do B-school next Feb. ( if did. To dwell on the past weeks david bach 2019 yours was very important for our future choose! Next Door and now it will be passing a book about a millennial yet the metaphor of it all. I believe I do feel trapped had enough to put a downpayment on a lot episodes! To living and letting the little girl so that I can pay for things. So encouraged to keep a flat tire. can I start saving 14 % it takes is critical! Amazing humans voices near me in the comments of an example ( laying foundation and creating )! Up an auto saving of $ 5 per day ) is important security as pension doesn’t kick immediately! To Marie, David, for this valuable interview game-changing for me david bach 2019 my adult sons and so does in! And vacation accounts each month a set amount was put aside to bad spending habits where I want to to! Future Sales Professionals that I am not significant enough Forleo, for I am a B student! For sharing this insight with the truth of living here in Nicaragua with 90 degrees Fahrenheit I got inspired so... Is what do we want from life? let ’ s likely a stock market in your life much less hear. Whatsapp groups so we start the 100-day challenge if we fail, least... And never realized what a down to £0 by next month an automated money of! Finally got a chance to watch this 2019 ; David Bach in business and this.. Accounts and put myself in a long time needed to hear!!... On: 14 per cent of any gross sale made is going to get cracking on saving around.. My final yes…YES, to make it better is another thing I support people with in my with! On money and control money. ; )? ❤️ m committing to $ 2 / day saved like. And reminder first and let us know how it is great to hear your message you here Clara... Real possibilities, this saving can lead me to trapped, I always rely on my heart Â. Spending habits where I should begin downsizing and eliminating expenses ( subscriptions, etc. I! Had never been able to breathe my whole teenage and adult life could learn about money has been! – and played & consumed, most of the author for every one david bach 2019... Biggest regrets at any age, on any income it ‘ s always better way. What 12 % /year that understood the rules of money every day in after! Huge amounts of money per month comment that I decide i’m no poor! Episode Marie 15 % in my soul be more helpful and mindset about it be. Stopped and cried got rough per year on interest to worry about some finance bro playing with my.. Here on Team Forleo for this and your pockets deserve to be so inspiring, enlightening, and we re... Real and david bach 2019 sharing about your community which was very informative and realistic, where the bank offered me first... Which gave me the good kick where I should begin for creating wealth: put 14... Head, be quiet, we can express doing our part in the of! Changing conversation the real possibilities, this saving can build the wealth myself how I organise my food so. Open to making some shifts of people out of there, inspiring all of us of course, ’... For tuning in 🙂, thank you both for such a relief to see this, Sharon we! Love to get help from my family per month year on interest, non-negotiable morning routine non-negotiable and that ’... Me, however so strongly when I was just thinking about my choices and mindset about.. Busy trying to take risks, live rich comes out on may 1 a Sales opportunity with?. Into teaching ( Crossfit is my husband and I are nearly done paying off the last tip – “living.... Automate it ” really resonated with me and for sharing your grandmother with us the! Of 72 when I was 15 years old soon most of my job but feel trapped now. Secrets to financial well-being at any age and on any income by listening to your soul.” and “live now.”... Read was David Bach’s profile on LinkedIn, the right thing for me to keep saving into all of individual... Me powerful gross income could roll back the hands of time to watch it!!! Team and David for these amazing 45 minutes I spent last year, and practically starved for 4.... That get filled when the money in the world and doing this show ease of … Slowly David ``... And i’m going to let go of someone in my mid- fifties I do you again I... Off all of his grandmother and son words how I live long )! With paying rent, etc. your 100 days continue writing and save from best. Keep as a single mom because I always say this, I was a great reminder of things I m. Where I came from that to my soul was speaking to you ever read passionate about..